Once upon an instant

09. September bis 20. September 2022
(Eröffnung am Donnerstag, 08.09.2022 um 18:00 Uhr)

08. -16.09. auf Anmeldung (icccia@htw-berlin.de)
vom 17. – 20.09. täglich 10 – 19 Uhr

Halle B1 | HTW Berlin | Campus Wilhelminenhof
Wilhelminenhofstraße 75A, 12459 Berlin

This show brings together a diverse selection of iron works and works involving iron that in some way relate to “Once Upon an Instant“.
The pieces selected connect to a specific instant of time, are about the actual existence of time or present unexpected individual interpretations of the title.

Alair Wells, Alan Magee, Alexandra Rose, April Terra Livingston,
Ben Woodeson, Brighton McCormick, Carly Marie Odegard, Coral P.
Lambert, Cynthia Handel, Dylan Collins, Erik Seidel, Gabrielle Egnater,
George Beasley, Giles Corby, Jeremy Colbert, Jessica Tank, Jose Luis
Vucario, Jürgen Neumann, Kirsty Harris, Kurt Dyrhaug, Leslie Fletcher,
Liane Lang, Liz Ensz, Lorraine, Snape, Mary Ratcliff, Matthew Mroz,
Meghan Elizabeth Trainor, Michał Staszczak, Pati Beachley, Paula
MacArthur, Rachael Kiser, Rebekah Frank, Rhiannon Scheidt, Sam Hodge,
Sineid Codd, Tom Railton, Wayne Potratz, Xtopher J. McCutcheon

Once Upon an Instant (selected by Ben Woodeson) for the 9th ICCCIA,
Berlin 2022.
Mehr Informationen unter: http://www.iron-2022-germany.de

(Foto: »Fatherhood« Giles Corby, A0 Photograph of sand cast iron sculpture, 2021)